Association of affected of Fibromyalgia Pinto

It is a non-profit association that was founded in 2006 before the need to fight bypassing innumerable obstacles, due to the ignorance towards the collective that it represents.


Thanks to the efforts of their founders, who are committed to helping those affected and inform their families and friends, they intend to place those affected with fibromyalgia in a dignified place before society and administrations, working with them side by side to achieve the Recognition of his illness as well as his rights to it.



Goals of A.F.A.P.



  • Inform to raise public awareness of the disease and those affected.

  • Work in self-help groups.

  • Empower all information channels and support systems for partners

  • Create a meeting point where you can share, discuss and discuss this disease

  • To carry out activities in group, days of coexistence.

  • Conferences and informative campaigns by qualified personnel.