Susana Borromeo

PhD in Industrial Engineering from UPM. Professor of Rey Juan Carlos University.   

Her interests and  scientificl objectives are related to bioengineering and in particular in the development of specific hardware for magnetic resonance, electronic instrumentation in neuroimaging as well as the continuity of the project of objective evaluation of the smell that allows to find neuroimaging biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases.

Helena Melero

PhD in Neuroscience and Degree in Psychology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She currently works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Laboratory of Analysis of Medical Imaging and Biometrics (LAIMBIO) at the Rey Juan Carlos University. She participates in several research projects aimed at the detection of biomarkers by Magnetic Resonance (MRI) in various diseases that produce cognitive impairment,such as Multiple Sclerosis or HIV. Likewise, collaborates in the MRI evaluation of the efficacy of non-pharmacological clinical treatments in pathologies of the sensorial systems (eg anosmia) and leads a new line of research on the neurofunctional bases of olfactory synesthesia.

Ángel Torrado

Degree in Telecommunications Engineering. He studied a master in ICT in Engineering Biomedical and a master's degree in Telematic and Computer Systems.

PhD thesis entitled Accurate Construction of MR-Based Patient-Specific Tissue Models: Clinical Application for Novel MRI Modalities at the Laboratory of Analysis of Medical Imaging and Biometry (LAIMBIO) of Rey Juan Carlos University.

His main research experience is focused on image processing techniques to improve the safety and efficiency of 7T RM in collaboration with Boston research groups through the Madrid-MIT M + Vision Consortium.

Laura Núñez González

Degree in Technical Engineering Systems Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering. She is currently working on his doctorate in the field of neuroimaging and is a laboratory technician in the Department of Applied Mathematics, Science and Materials Engineering and Electronic Technology at Rey Juan Carlos University.

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